【Hong Kong Disneyland】Experiencing the “Fairy Tale Forest” Attraction!


I will introduce an attraction located in Fantasyland at Hong Kong Disneyland.

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About Fairy Tale Forest

This attraction allows you to explore a garden that recreates Disney stories in miniature size. You can experience the world of princesses and feel as if you’ve entered a page of a storybook, with castles and music boxes.

Which Princesses Appear?

“Rapunzel’s Tower”

At the beginning, it’s Rapunzel’s world. The tower is adorned with her long hair!

The lanterns were also beautiful!


“Snow White”

In Snow White, you can see the dwarfs mining for jewels in the cave!

They were all working very hard!!

“Beauty and the Beast”

In the music box, you can see the iconic scene from “Be Our Guest”!

In the castle, Belle and the Beast were dancing!



The centerpiece of the garden is Cinderella Castle.

You can witness Cinderella’s transformation!


“The Little Mermaid”

In the world of The Little Mermaid, you can experience the iconic scene of “Kiss the Girl”! Flounder is also dancing around the boat!

Under the Sea! Sebastian is having a fun time with his friends from the ocean.


And Finally…

This attraction may not have flashy performances, but it’s a lot of fun to simply take a stroll. There are also photo-worthy spots, and I saw many people striking poses and taking pictures.

For princess enthusiasts, it’s guaranteed to raise your excitement!

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A Christmas tree was on display! It’s a bit smaller but adorable!

Unlike Japan, where it’s already cold, Hong Kong still allows for short sleeves, so taking photos with the Christmas tree feels strange in a good way.


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