【Sheung Wan】PMQ (Former Police Married Quarters), a Creative Hub in Hong Kong

Today, I will introduce the creative cultural facility PMQ. PMQ supports the development of Hong Kong’s creative industry through the reuse of historic buildings and the promotion of creative activities. It has become a charming place for people to experience Hong Kong’s cultural scene.

What is PMQ?

PMQ (Former Police Married Quarters) is a creative cultural facility located in the heart of Hong Kong Island. PMQ was originally a Police Married Quarters building and has been repurposed as a creative hub since its opening in 2014. The name “PMQ” is derived from the initials of “Police Married Quarters.”

PMQ serves as a hub for various creative activities such as art, design, fashion, and dining. Inside the building, you’ll find designer shops, art galleries, studios, cafes, and restaurants, offering opportunities to discover local talents and creative products.

PMQ regularly hosts exhibitions, workshops, and events, providing visitors with creative experiences. The rooftop of PMQ offers an outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful views of Hong Kong’s cityscape.

PMQ supports the development of Hong Kong’s creative industry through the reuse of historic buildings and the promotion of creative activities. It has become a charming place for people to experience Hong Kong’s cultural scene.

Charming Features of PMQ

  1. Reuse of historic buildings: PMQ repurposes a former police married quarters building, preserving its historic value and unique features while transforming it into a hub for creative activities.
  2. Hub for creative individuals: PMQ is known as a hub for Hong Kong’s creative industry, with designer shops, art galleries, studios, and more. It attracts talented artists and designers from various fields who showcase their creativity.
  3. Diverse facilities: PMQ houses a wide range of facilities, including designer shops, art galleries, studios, and workshops. Visitors can discover unique products and crafts in the shops, attend exhibitions and events in the art galleries, and participate in workshops and creative experiences in the studios.
  4. Fusion of innovation and culture: PMQ promotes the integration of creative ideas and traditional culture. Visitors can experience Hong Kong’s culture and history through traditional crafts and artworks, as well as explore exhibitions showcasing new ideas and technologies, fostering innovation and creative expression.
  5. Event and community space: PMQ regularly hosts exhibitions, workshops, performances, and other events. It provides opportunities for interaction with artists and creators, as well as a platform for community engagement and the sharing of information and ideas.

Above are the charming features of PMQ. With its creative atmosphere and diverse facilities, it enriches Hong Kong’s cultural scene.

Facilities Inside PMQ

PMQ is divided into two buildings: the Hollywood Building on the right and the Staunton Building on the left. Inside the facilities, you’ll find a variety of shops.

With art, fashion, accessories, cafes, and restaurants, exploring every corner can make time fly by quickly. There are also art classes and workshops held on weekends, providing enjoyment for both adults and children.

It’s worth noting that there are many lunchtime options, so those who visit in the morning should plan accordingly.

Artworks displayed in the open corridor

Shops where you can not only view but also purchase

Many pop-up shops offer new discoveries each time

Familiar Hong Kong landscape paintings

Hong Kong board games

Board game shops offer toys where you can use trams and MTR as game pieces, as well as games set in street markets and “Cha Chaan Teng” (Hong Kong-style cafes). The contents of these games are quite intriguing.

Exhibition room replicating the former police quarters

You can also visit a room that replicates the atmosphere of the former police quarters during that time.

Rooftop garden

The space connecting the Hollywood Block and the Staunton Block features a rooftop garden where you can enjoy the courtyard and the surrounding scenery.


📍 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

⚠ 13 minutes on foot from Exit D1 of “Central” Station, 5 minutes on foot from Exit E2 of “Sheung Wan” Station

It’s quite tiring to climb up the steep hill.


Welcome Gift for Tourists

You can receive a welcome gift for tourists at the PMQ Information Center.

Present a valid passport at the Information Center (a copy of the passport photo is also acceptable)
Receive a card and stamp it at the designated stamping spots within PMQ
Receive a token at the information center and get a gift.

The item that was inside the gachapon was a luggage tag featuring the PMQ building. It was a lovely gift and made for a great memento.

Summary and Impression

PMQ is a vibrant hub of Hong Kong’s creative scene, utilizing historic buildings and offering an array of designer shops, art galleries, and events. It’s an attractive space for creativity and community engagement.

The surrounding area is filled with popular tourist spots, and the Sheung Wan and Central areas are bustling with locals and tourists from morning till night. Enjoy not only visiting PMQ but also exploring the streets of Sheung Wan and Central.

Thank you for reading today.

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