【Causeway Bay】I went to a delicious bakery called Bakehouse.

I visited the bakery Bakehouse located in Causeway Bay.

The chef who had baked bread at the Four Seasons finally opened this shop, so it seems to be popular among brand-loving Hong Kongers.

I arrived at the shop a little after 1 pm on a weekday. As it was lunchtime, there were about 10 people in line in front of the shop.

I was able to enter the shop in less than 5 minutes.

Got the famous egg tart. Also, ended up buying cookies that caught my eye.


It was my first time having egg tarts, and they were delicious.

But they were quite pricey. You order directly at the register and have them put it in a box, so be careful not to buy too much in a hurry.

Be careful, or you might be surprised at the total cost at checkout!


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