【Hong Kong Disneyland】Attraction: Main Street Vehicles

You can ride a classic car from the entrance and enjoy the restaurants and shops on Main Street USA.

Boarding area

You can board from positions marked with ★ or ◎

The Main Street Taxi I rode boarded from the ◎ position

There are three types of classic cars:

– The open-top double-decker bus running on gasoline, OmniBus

– The long and narrow automobile from the early 1900s, Main Street Taxi

– The restored vintage police car, Paddy Wagon

The cool appearance is popular with both children and adults.

When I rode, it was raining, but it seems to operate as long as the rain is not too heavy.

The running time may pause during parades, and there is no fixed schedule.

The departure time is not specifically announced.

On this day, the seats were full within 2-3 minutes, so it departed.

The driver’s seat

A leisurely ride

It was refreshing to see a slightly different scenery than usual.

This is the scene when it started pouring rain midway and the interior of the car got soaked.

After getting off, thunder⛈ started (children crying everywhere…), and everyone took shelter in the shops.

Even though it was before noon, it was so dark that the street lights were on.

By the way, here is the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel’s poncho.

We couldn’t do much because of the heavy rain, but we encountered Mickey and Minnie with their umbrellas.


You will definitely be healed by the leisurely ride.

Please enjoy the different scenery from usual.

Thank you for reading today.

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