【Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel】Explorers Lodge Activities (May 2023)

I stayed at my beloved Explorers Lodge for the first time in about six months. This time, I participated in activities that I couldn’t experience before, so let me introduce them to you.

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What are Hotel Recreation Activities?

Guests staying at Hong Kong Disneyland hotels can participate in various activities held at each hotel’s facilities. There are both free and paid activities! The content can be enjoyed by both adults and children, but please note that some activities have age restrictions. There are three official hotels, each offering different events. If you stay at an official hotel, you can also participate in activities at other hotels.

Check the activities for the day posted in the lobby!


Here are the activities I experienced last time:

【Hong Kong Disney Hotel】”Disney Explores Lodge” Stay Experience – Activity Edition

How to Participate in Activities

List of activities for this time

The activities for the day are posted in the hotel lobby. By scanning the QR code, you can find more details such as time and cost.

You can participate in activities even before check-in, so we arrived at the hotel around 11:00 am and joined the activities right away.

Even for free activities, you will be asked for your room number, so check-in procedures are required. If it’s before check-in time (3:00 pm), you won’t know your room number, but you can get a card case at the counter, so take it with you to participate in the activities.

It is recommended to check the activities you want to participate in after arriving at the hotel and then line up at the check-in counter. Free activities do not require advance reservations, but for paid activities, there is a capacity limit and payment is required, so you need to apply early once you decide.

You can complete the activity participation procedures at the counter at the same time as the check-in process, saving time!

Participated Activities

Participated in Duffy Fans-tasy Cute Quest

It is a free activity where you go to designated locations within the hotel, take photos, and solve problems. The hotel is spacious, so if it’s your first time visiting, you might get lost, but it should be finished in about an hour. The activity has a scheduled time.

First, we went to “Nemo’s Recreation Reef” and informed them of our participation, and they explained the overview. At that time, they provided us with the necessary documents. They told us to borrow scissors and make a file in the lobby, so we followed their instructions and went to the lobby.

Here is the file we made. We put the documents inside the file and started the activity.

We search for locations with characters and take photos. At that time, we scan the QR code behind each paper and answer the questions. We write the answers on Duffy’s paper.

For this activity, you will need a mobile phone and a pen, so make sure to bring them when you participate.

The hotel is spacious, and we almost got lost. I recommend solving the questions on the spot because the answers are hidden in that location!

We took photos by aligning the paper with the designated four locations.

After completing the mission, we returned to Nemo’s Recreation Reef and had the cast member check our photos and answers. If everything was okay, we could get a gift.

I received a Jesse card and a keychain with an egg (laughs). It must be leftover from the Easter egg hunt. And there weren’t any Disney characters on it, just a plain egg 🐣. It’s a bit mysterious. But my son was happy to receive a reward, so it was good.

The gift may not be very exciting, but it’s a fun activity for first-timers as it allows you to explore the hotel thoroughly!

Participated in Disney’s Delicious Decorating Class

This is a paid activity. You will make two icing cookies. The fee is HKD 248 per person. If you want to make cookies for each person, you will need to pay for each individual. The characters may vary by month, and in May, it was a pair of Mickey and Minnie. The class is held once a day from 15:00 to 16:00. The venue is Chart Room Cafe, located one floor below the lobby.

You will start with making the chef’s hat before proceeding to decorate the icing cookies. The Mickey and Minnie cookies with pre-outlined shapes are provided, and you’ll create their faces without going beyond the outlines.

My son was happily engaged, treating it like painting with colorful icing.

Here is the finished product! The cream went slightly overboard, but it was a fun experience. We put them in a box and stored them in the hotel refrigerator to enjoy later in the evening!

The cookies were thick, and the cream was sweet and delicious. They were very tasty.

Conclusion and Impressions

Despite the unfortunate rainy stay, we had a fulfilling two days by going swimming in the pool and participating in various activities.

We were able to take a photo with Mickey in the style of Explores Lodge. There was hardly any wait time, and we could hug and interact with the character, which made us happy.

Thank you for reading today.

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