【Jordan】Mini Bus Destination Plate Manufacturer “Hawk Advertising Company Limited”

This is a shop that creates destination plates for mini buses running in Hong Kong.

In addition to double-decker buses, Hong Kong has two types of mini buses: red and green. This shop specializes in creating destination and fare signs that are displayed on the front of these mini buses. They also sell keychains and plates with the same typography as souvenirs.

「巧佳小巴用品」Hawk Advertising Company Limited

📍 M/F, 39 Battery St, Yau Ma Tei

🕓 Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM (Closed on Wed, Sat, Sun, and public holidays)


5-minute walk from Jordan Station (Exit A)


The staff at the shop were very friendly!


Customizable Keychains

The shop is located up the stairs. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of popular keychains and plates that make great souvenirs. While you can find keychains at general stores and bookshops, this shop offers a much larger selection! They have keychains with not just place names but also phrases like “The Best Mother” and “I WANT A JOB.” Take a closer look, and you’ll find some interesting ones.




You can’t help but want to get one with the place name if you live there.


One recommendation is the ability to create custom-made keychains! You can personalize them with your name or favorite text. Since I couldn’t decide on the positioning and orientation of the text right away, I decided to postpone making one this time. However, I definitely want to make one before returning home!!! Please note that the custom-made process takes approximately 3 days to complete.

Custom-made keychain: HKD90



For detailed pricing, please refer to the following table.




Unfortunately, the Mini Bus Cultural Museum seems to have closed down in March 2023…

Mini Bus Cultural Museum

The Mini Bus Cultural Museum, which opened in May 2021, occupies the first floor of the original shop. Admission is usually for groups of 15 or more, and advance reservation is required. However, on this day, we were lucky enough to be able to enter because there were no other visitors!! Reservations are accepted through WhatsApp.

Contact: 👉 WhatsApp 90179587

A big red mini bus right in front of you!

Only the front part has been reproduced, and you can actually ride on it!


The mini bus has undergone several model changes, but it currently uses Toyota vehicles. The TOYOTA logo can also be found on the steering wheel.


Inside the museum, there were many old photos and articles on display. Since they were in Cantonese, I couldn’t understand the detailed contents, but it was clear that they were greatly cherished by the people of Hong Kong for their rich history.


I bought a postcard as a souvenir from the museum (HKD10).



The mini bus keychains are irresistible for those who love Hong Kong. They are perfect as souvenirs. You might find yourself wanting one when you visit here! The museum is small, but it offers a valuable experience of riding a mini bus. I highly recommend it. If you have the chance, please visit.

Thank you for reading today!

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