Made an Octopus Card for Kids!


The Octopus card is an essential item for daily life in Hong Kong, and I’ve mentioned it several times on my blog.

My son is currently 3 years old, and I realized that we haven’t made an Octopus card for him yet…

That won’t do…so I made one right away!!

It is convenient to purchase the Octopus Card for travelers here!👇👇

【klook】Hong Kong Tourist Octopus Card

From what age is an Octopus card necessary?

There are mainly three types of Octopus cards:

  • Children’s ticket (for ages 3-11)
  • Adult ticket (this is the most standard type)
  • Senior ticket (for ages 65 and up)

Where can you get one?

There is a place called “Customer Service Centre” inside the station where you can get it.

Depending on the size of the station, you can purchase it at a counter like this.

What do I need to buy a card?

This is for children, and it stated that the child themselves and the child’s ID were required. I brought my passport.

Let’s buy it!

Go to the customer service center and say “I’d like a child Octopus card”

It was understood in English.

No ID was required at this time.

Pay the fee

The child Octopus card costs HK$100.

It was also explained that a deposit of HK$50 was included.

Receive the card

Received a card with “CHILD” written on it, and the process was complete.

You can get it right away!!

Not only MTR (train), but also buses, trams, and ferries require a fare for children from the age of 3.By paying with this card, you can be relieved as the child fare is automatically applied.

so mamy designs

The card I received is the standard type, but there is also a purchased type of Octopus card.

Since it does not have a deposit, you need to charge it immediately.

Note that you cannot charge the card with a machine, so be careful. For more information about the machine, please refer to here.

Keychain type

There are also cute character types available.



I was able to easily obtain a child Octopus card.

Although I cannot charge it at the machine, I regret not getting a cute character design.

You can also return the card, so maybe I’ll change it if I find a design I like!

Thank you for reading today!

It is convenient to purchase the Octopus Card for travelers here!👇👇

【klook】Hong Kong Tourist Octopus Card

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