【Hong Kong Disneyland】Tsum Tsum All-You-Can-Fill!

I discovered a new souvenir at the park!

This shop stood out even from afar. Chocolate? Are those candies on display?

Let’s get closer…


It’s still quite small…


Could it be…


Tsum Tsum!!!


That’s right! The colorful surprise was Tsum Tsum!

You can choose your favorite Tsum Tsum and put it in a bottle yourself! It’s definitely Tsum Tsum.


The price is HK$259


1. After payment, present your receipt to receive the bottle. The receipt is only valid for the same day!

2. The filling time is limited in 5 minutes!

3. You can fill as many as you want with any styles, as long as the bottle can be tapped tightly!

4. After completing your Tsum Tsum, have it checked by a cast member!


Here’s how it turned out! Tsum Tsums were also drawn on the bottle!


They were also lined up by the cash register. It’s cute how they roll around!

It’s located next to Alice’s “Mad Hatter Tea Cups”.


Last year, this booth was a place where you could stamp Christmas cards. It might be a limited-time shop until Christmas.

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If you’re interested, please go and check it out! Since the shop wasn’t operating on this day, I plan to take a video next time!

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