【Central】Experience a Vibrant Summer Celebration at “Summerfest2023”

Summerfest2023 is currently taking place at Central Harbourfront Event Space. It is an event where you can enjoy approximately 25 free “Fun in the Sun” activities.

Central is not just a place for business! And summer is not just for staying indoors.

Let’s unleash our imagination: three generations of buses under one roof? A beach in front of Victoria Harbour? Why should a basketball hoop have only one? Frying an egg under the sun? A whale comes ashore? Let’s have fun at the waterfront in Central together. Experience new photo spots and thrills!

From the official website of Summerfest2023


Event Details

  • Date: June 9th to July 23rd, 2023
  • Time: Weekdays: 3pm to 9pm
       Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays: 1pm to 9pm
       Please refer to the event website for the special event schedule.
  • Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space
        9 Lung Wo Road, Central
  • Admission: Free
  • Official Website: www.summerfest-centralharbourfront.hk


“One Citybus” – Hong Kong Bus Exhibition

One of the main events is the “One Citybus,” a bus exhibition showcasing Hong Kong’s retired buses, vintage buses, and active buses. It includes a special restoration and display of the jumbo buses that used to run in Hong Kong until the late 1990s. The exhibition attracted many bus enthusiasts, from adults to children.

Venue Map

It seems that there is a pop-up store and game booth available for a limited time from June 16th to June 18th.

You cannot enter the bus, but you can get close and look inside.

There were also many people with professional cameras.

Bus enthusiasts are observing every detail.


You can take photos and feel like a driver at the photo booth.

Photo Space 1
Photo Space 2

Since the pop-up store was not open on this day, it became a photo space. It is expected to be a store from 16th to 18th.

The bus exhibition will be until June 18th. It seems that there is an event where you can vote for your favorite colored bus.


Other Events

The event venue is divided into various programs.

There are shaded areas in the venue, but it is mostly outdoors. It was hot and exhausting just standing, so there was a water station. You can refill your water bottles here.

If kids want to play in the water area, it would be good to have a change of clothes.

“Sun & Sand” where you can enjoy playing beach volleyball on the sand

Beach volleyball matches are also held, and you can even watch serious games. It’s a tough sport to play volleyball on the sand, which is already challenging enough to run on.

There was also a space selling camp merchandise. As it was the second day of the event, there were fewer booths, but it might increase in the future.

A trampoline for small children to play on

“Great Blue Whale” measuring 12 meters in length

The large whale is very impressive. It’s big enough for children to hide in.

“Sunny Side Up” where you can jump and play on a giant sunny-side-up egg

Children can jump on a giant sunny-side-up egg. The sunny-side-up egg was hot from being exposed to the sun!


There are also many activities that families can enjoy, such as the colorful play area called “Burnout Playground” and the balance bikes for young children called “Little Driver’s Racing Track.”

On June 18th (Sunday), the “Hong Kong Balance Bike Carnival 2023” will be held with hundreds of kids participating in the venue.

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You can see the popular ducklings right near this venue.

The two ducks placed in Victoria Harbour are arranged like symmetrical kanji characters representing happiness (“囍”) and friendship (“朋”), symbolizing partnership, friendship, and the double happiness that comes from becoming one.

Venue Map

If “DOUBLE DUCKS” is your only purpose, the shortest distance is from MTR Admiralty Station.

We could see them from a distance. But something was strange… There should be two ducks, but…


As we got closer! Guess what! One of them was deflated…!

Perhaps it couldn’t withstand the heat.


It was the first day of the public opening, and to everyone’s surprise, there was only one.

One of them had a different appearance than expected, but it was still great to see!

You can rest assured that you can see the other two as well.


Summary and Impressions

This is an opportunity to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Summerfest2023.

Spending a long time in the outdoor venue can be tough, but there are plenty of fun events, so please enjoy yourself while staying hydrated.

Thank you for reading today.

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