The payment methods for Hong Kong Trams have increased! Enjoy discounts when using VISA cards to ride!

Trams are one of the iconic transportation methods in Hong Kong, running along the northern side of Hong Kong Island. Its formal name is “The Hong Kong Tramways Limited,” and it has been in operation since 1904, making it one of the oldest public transportation systems in Hong Kong.

The double-decker streetcars are a rare sight in the world and serve not only as a popular choice for tourists but also as a means of transportation for the locals.


Basic Information About Trams

For those who love Hong Kong, you might be familiar with trams, but let me share some basic information.


Getting On and Off the Tram

When riding the tram, board from the rear door and alight from the front door. The fare is paid when you alight, so make sure to pay the fare before getting off. There may be no guidance broadcast, so look at the map and the surroundings to find your destination. Tram stops are approximately 250 meters apart except for some areas. Unlike buses, trams always stop at every tram stop, so even tourists can ride with peace of mind!


When boarding, use the rear door


The front of the upper deck is very popular, especially among children and tourists.

The front of the upper deck is very popular, especially among children and tourists.


Trams have 6 Routes

In addition to the main line that runs east-west along Hong Kong Island, there are routes that go to Happy Valley, where the horse racing course is located. Make sure to check the destination before boarding to reach your desired location. The destinations are displayed on the front, back, and sides of the tram.

  • Western Market〜 Shau Kei Wan
  • Happy Valley 〜 Shau Kei Wan
  • Shek Tong Tsui 〜 North Point
  • Shek Tong Tsui 〜 Causeway Bay
  • Kennedy Town 〜 Happy Valley
  • Kennedy Town 〜 Shau Kei Wan



Fares are a flat rate and paid after the ride. Please note that you won’t receive change if you pay with cash!

Adult$3.00 HKD
Child (Aged 3 to 12)$1.50 HKD
Senior Citizen (Aged 65 or above)$1.30 HKD

Payment methods expanded since July 2023!

Until now, payment methods were limited to Octopus cards and cash. But now, you can also use credit cards, mobile payments, and QR code payments.

Accepted payment methods include:

Card payment・VISA
Mobile payment・Apple Pay
・Google Pay (Android)
QR code・AlipayHK “EasyGo”
・Alipay “Transit QR Code”
・UnionPay “Transit QR Code”
・BoC Pay “Transit Code”


The payment machines for fares have been updated!

It is convenient to purchase the Octopus Card for travelers here!👇👇

【klook】Hong Kong Tourist Octopus Card


Limited-time offer: $1 OFF per tram ride

Trams are already affordable, and until December 31, 2023, you can enjoy $1 OFF per ride when paying with VISA touch payment. Take advantage of this campaign and save on each tram ride!

VISA Card Wrapped Tram


I also tried making a payment with my VISA card right away. Since there was no sound when it completed (was it too quiet?), I was a little worried, but the message “Welcome aboard” appeared on the adjacent screen. Phew, it seems the payment went through smoothly. Just like with the traditional Octopus card, the settlement was completed effortlessly by simply tapping the machine!


Summary and Impressions

With the added payment methods for trams, it becomes even more convenient to use them! I still see people paying with cash, so there may be demand, especially from travelers from abroad. During the special offer period, I also want to use my VISA card to ride the tram and enjoy the discount.

Thank you for reading today!

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